tDynamo (Gen II)

Hand Held or Mounted Secure Magstripe,
EMV Chip and Contactless Reader

tDynamo (Gen II) is a versatile handheld reader in a simple and easy to understand design. With all of the payment methods in the market today, tDynamo delivers magnetic stripe, chip card, and contactless in a small form factor. Now you can accept classic plastic to mobile wallets and just about everything in between.
Connect via Bluetooth LE or USB 2.0.


$330 ea.
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tDynamo stand

tDynamo Stand

Switch from Mobile to Countertop in seconds

tDynamo allows you to slide quickly between a counter top or mobile platform, giving you flexibility through-out the day. The charging dock can be mounted to the table with one screw and nut, keeping things simple, using very little real-estate, securing the device while charging, and continuing to use. Stand sold separately.


$33 ea.
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