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 Ordering Process

  1. Magensa encryption key and default settings are standard.

  2. Verify with your payment service provider.

 Order Confirmation

  1. All orders require verification.

  2. Please reply to the confirmation email.

 Shipping Information

  1. Shipping is limited to the Continental United States.

  2. For international shipping, follow these instructions.

  3. Hardware is built to order.

 Integration Support

  1. Discover Magensa L3 certified gateway.

  2. Contact retail.solutions@magtek.com for any inquiries.

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Unlock secure transactions with MagTek hardware. Our featured picks keep your solutions up and running at discounted prices and ensure unparalleled security and efficiency. Explore innovation and elevate your business now.

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MagTek creates secure card reader authenticators for mobile, countertop, and OEM digital transactions, ensuring transaction security through MagneSafe Security Architecture.